Welcome to Chertsey - A Town with No Loo!

When Sainsbury’s were granted planning permission to build the town centre supermarket in the 1980’s they agreed to lease land from RBC and to build the town centre toilets near their petrol station. About 5 years ago Sainsbury’s closed the toilets on the grounds that they were continually being vandalised and since that time RBC have failed to get Sainsbury’s to honour their promise to provide public conveniences. When the petrol station shop was recently rebuilt although Sainsbury's originally stated that it would incorporate new public toilets, they scaled down their plans and only a staff toilet was included. Even the canopy over the petrol pumps does not extend as far as the kiosk, unlike that at Staines, so now when it rains we will get wet when going to pay for petrol.






   Views of Sainsbury's

   petrol station



It would be interesting to know if there are any other towns similar to the size of Chertsey that do not have a town centre public toilet.  

The toilet building should be refurbished with stainless steel vandal proof sanitary ware, and the building adapted so that the access doors face the petrol station where they can be observed by CCTV. The key to the building could be obtained on request from the petrol station. At a time when RBC is planning to spend £7 million on refurbishing Addlestone it does not seem unreasonable that for a fraction of that sum our toilet could be provided. Alternatively, the toilets in Chertsey Hall could be signposted or shops that provide facilities to the public should receive a ‘rate rebate’.