Town Centre Christmas Lights in Jeopardy

For the last 5 years, The Chertsey Society have co-ordinated the Christmas Lights for Chertsey Town centre. RBC offered a grant of up to £1,850  provided we could raise 50% matching funds. In practice, RBC actually paid approximately £1,100 of which 95% went straight to their own employees at the DSO Fordwater Road depot, Chertsey, for erecting the spiral white rope lights on the town centre lamp posts. A further £600 was contributed by local organisations, e.g. The Rotary Club, and from private donations towards the costs of replacement lights.

RBC have now decided to axe the grants for Christmas lights in the Borough which in Chertsey represents a saving of 10p per person per annum. Without the support of the DSO and financial support we will not have lights this coming Christmas other than those erected by volunteers on the Church parapet and Yew trees. However we are pleased to report that Cllr Chris Norman is pursuing the matter so we are waiting to hear whether a solution can be found so that lights can be displayed as usual.


Christmas Lights 2010

Guide & Scout Christingle Service at 8.00pm on Friday 3rd December 2010: County Councillor Chris Norman led the Guides and Scouts in a countdown accompanied by The Rotary Club Father Christmas and his reindeer. Thanks are expressed to all those who attended and to the Chertsey Scouts who provided mulled wine and mince pies.     









   Lighting Ceremony and Santa Claus

   in front of St Peter's Church



Thanks are also expressed to:

  • Chertsey Rotary Club & The Black Cherry Fair Team, RBC, The Chertsey Society,  and a number of private individuals for contributing towards the costs.
  • Dave Stedman, Sheryll Moody and Paul Sebego from  Runnymede DSO for erecting the lights
  • Peter Boast, Dorian Mead and Peter Gray  for erecting the coloured lights on the Church yew trees.
  • St Peter’s Church bell ringers for erecting the Angels and Star on the church parapet.
  • Thanks are also expressed to all those householders, shopkeepers and commercial organizations who decorated  their own premises to help bring a bit of colour to the town.

The Chertsey Society will continue to lobby  SCC to replace the old concrete lamp posts in London Street so that Christmas lights could be extended to cover the whole of the conservation area.








   Lamp Post Lights



This year the total cost of the Christmas Lights was more than £2,000 and we are grateful to RBC for providing 50% of the total cost; however, if Christmas Lights are to continue we need more sponsorship and help to raise contributions for the funds.