Cllr Ray Lowther Memorial Appeal

Ray Lowther, known to many as ‘Mr Chertsey’, died peacefully at his home in January 2011, aged 87. He was a former pupil of Stepgates School, and a staunch supporter of The Black Cherry Fair.











Many friends, colleagues and local residents expressed the view that there should be a memorial to mark Ray Lowther’s lifelong contribution to the Chertsey community, serving for 53 years as a Councillor and as a Trustee of local charities.  In consultation with Ray’s family it was agreed to launch a Memorial Appeal to raise funds for the flagpole & weather vane on the tower of St Peter’s Church, Chertsey. Names of all the subscribers will be included on a memorial roll and added to a time capsule to be inserted inside the new flagpole which will be laminated wood covered with fibre glass impregnated with epoxy resin, similar to a modern sailing boat mast.
To date (24th July 2011) we have received 69 donations ranging in value from £5 to £250 amounting to a total of £2,407 or £2,703 including Gift Aid. The shortfall for replacing the flagpole at the start of the appeal was approximately  £8,250
The Bell Ringers and supporters collected £360 for opening the tower at the Black Cherry Fair and additionally, St Peter’s Church have allocated £1,500 towards the flagpole fund. Cllr C Norman and Cllr J Furey have each pledged £1,000 from their SCC Member’s allocation. If all the pledged sums come in then the shortfall now stands at £1,687.




















St Peter’s Parish Church flagpole was removed in March 2009 since it was rotten and could not safely support the weather vane and the flag.












The total cost of replacing the flag pole and new anchor plates capable of supporting the weather vane, flag and lightning conductor, including installation is £10,746 (including VAT). The one ton flagpole is approximately 35 feet long and needs to support the weathervane which weighs about 1 cwt ( ~ 50 Kg).




















In addition, it needs to resist the wind loading on the ‘4 yard’ flag of St George  which measures 12 feet x 6 feet.  The pole is 8 inches across at the top and approx. 12 inches at the bottom and the new pole will be made of laminated wood clad in fibre glass impregnated with epoxy resin rather like a modern racing yacht mast. New stainless steel anchor plates need to be fabricated and bolted to the tower parapet and pinnacles. In addition scaffolding will need to be erected on the top of the tower to instal the pole. 


For more information please contact :
 Malcolm S Loveday                      Chris Norman               Tim Hillier                          Derek Cotty                     Bernie Stacey
Tower Captain & Chairman        SCC & RBC                   Vicar of Chertsey              RBC Councillor              Labour Party  
  of  The Chertsey Society            Councillor  
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If you wish to contribute please download donation form here.

Summer 2011


St Peter's Church Flagpole

It was nearly two years ago that the flag pole was removed from the top of the tower because it was found to be so rotten that it could not safely support the weather vane. Sadly the grant applications submitted by AIR (the Association for the Improvement of Runnymede) have all been turned down.
So we are now back to trying to raise the remaining ~ £9 k to add to the ~ £2.5 k raised so far.
Without the flagpole the church is not properly protected by the lightning conductor. However, the regilded weather vane is in safe keeping awaiting the new pole.











   Church Tower without flagpole and weather vane

   January 2011