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Town Centre Toilets

When Sainsbury’s were first granted permission to open the supermarket in the centre of Chertsey the public were assured that a public toilet would be provided and indeed a toilet block was built near the petrol station. However, sadly in the last few years the toilets have suffered vandalism and Sainsbury’s have refused to allow the toilets to remain open. The Chertsey Society has lobbied RBC to either enforce the original agreement or take over the maintenance of the toilet block. Alternatively, RBC could make arrangements with other shops, halls, pubs or clubs to provide public conveniences and give financial compensation for the facilities. In December 2010, RBC granted Sainsbury’s planning permission to rebuild their petrol station kiosk without provision for public toilets.








   Visitors to the town find it amazing that a
   Surrey town the size of Chertsey does not
   have town centre public conveniences.



Territorial Army (2008)

To commemorate the Centenary of the formation of the Territorial Army, the Society proposed to RBC that the TA should be awarded the Freedom of the Borough. In addition, we organised a Special Service in April 2008 at St. Peter’s Church for the anniversary, together with a parade of WWII vehicles.
RBC granted our request at the Council Meeting in December 2008 and subsequently organised a Presentation Ceremony on 25th July 2009.










   The parade and ceremony













   "Freedom of the Borough" document




The Church Flagpole and Weather Vane (2008-2011)

In December 2008, scaffolding was erected on the church tower roof to repair the flagpole.









   Scaffolding on top of the church tower

   and the flagpole being worked on


The weather vane was removed for repainting and regilding which was undertaken by Malcolm Loveday and Chris McKay who had previously regilded the clock dials. 5th Chertsey Guides helped to repaint the Vane.










   The newly gilded weather vane


The Chertsey Society used the balance of the Dorothy Everall memorial fund to cover the cost of the refurbishment. The cost of the scaffolding was met with a grant from SCC from Cllr Ray Lowther’s member’s allocation. It was due to be replaced on a reduced height pole as an interim measure, while funds were raised for a replacement flag pole but unfortunately in March 2009 the pole was deemed to be dangerous and not able to support the weather vane so it was cut down leaving the tower without the protection of the lightning conductor.









   The sad remains of the old flagpole



Meanwhile an attempt is being made to raise £10,000 for a new pole and supports and their installation.








   Malcolm Loveday with a fundraising display

   outside St Peter's Church




Christmas Lights

In 2005, the Society agreed to take on the responsibility of co-ordinating the town centre Christmas Lights when the Chertsey Chamber of Commerce no longer had the resources to undertake the task. Runnymede Borough Council have kindly provided a grant of up to £1,850 (2010) on the basis that matching funds are raised. White rope light spirals are fixed by RBC DSO to about 45 lamp posts in the town centre whilst angels are hung on the church parapet by the bell ringers.











The coloured rope lights on the yew trees outside the church have been put up by Peter Boast, Dorian Mead and Peter Gray. Over the past few years, additional financial contributions have been provided by Chertsey Rotary Club and the Black Cherry Fair Team, SCC Councillor’s allocations, local firms and private individuals together with those from the Society.


Society's Archives

Over the years, the Society has accumulated a considerable archive of documents and photographs, mostly stored at the RAVS centre, in the Sainsbury’s Centre. Over the last couple of years or so we have been indexing and cataloguing the archive. Thanks are recorded to Thelma Lake, Malcolm Loveday, Margaret Nichols and Julie Osborne who are now about two thirds of the way through the task.






  Thelma Lake & Julie Osborne shown alongside the archive store at RAVS



Other On-Going Activities

Members continue to take an active part in representing the Society’s views on a number of local committees including:

  1. The Meads Management Liaison Group which oversees the 170 acres of public open space on the river bank to the east of the town.
  2. AIR, the Association for the (environmental) Improvement of Runnymede, which was established to assist organisations to get financial support from the Landfill Community Fund funded from tax credits provided from landfill waste disposal. The Society has sponsored a number of local projects including
    • new chairs for Chertsey Hall and Thorpe Village Hall
    • Bourneside Play Area
    • the Church Flagpole
    • Chertsey Meads trees screen
  3. Runnymede’s Local Strategic Partnership ( LSP) including Chairing the Environment Task Group and representation on the Housing Task Group.
  4. Runnymede Flood Forum – the group that endeavours to lobby for flood alleviation schemes from inundation from the Chertsey Bourne and the River Thames. Although it is dependent on the Environment Agency to deliver suitable schemes, nevertheless it has absorbed a considerable amount of time and generated huge numbers of committee documents.


The Society's 50th Anniversary Event at 'The Orchard'

Approximately 70 members and guests attended the 50th Anniversary event held at 'The Orchard' on the evening of Monday, 29th November 2010.








   The Orchard



Several founder members, former Chairman and Vice Chairman, former committee members, as well as the present Committee and officers celebrated the achievements of The Chertsey Society.









   l.-r. ( standing): Malcolm Loveday
   [Chairman 1986-88 & 2002-2010] , Mrs
   Jocelyn Boater [Chairman 1971],
   Margery & David Easton [ Members
   since 1964], (seated): Mrs Rosalind Wyke
   [Chairman 1967-68] and Mrs Margaret
   Robinson [Founder Member]


An illustrated review of the Society’s activities over the last 50 years was presented by the current Chairman, Malcolm Loveday. Mrs.Jocelyn Boater (Founder Secretary and Chairman, 1971) together with former Cllr Mrs Rosalind Wyke (Chairman 1967-1968) cut the anniversary cake which had been made by Mrs Mary Lowther (Secretary 1990 -2001).












   Our former Secretary, Mary
   Lowther provided an
   excellent cake to mark the








   l.-r.: Malcolm
  [Chairman 1986-
   88 & 2002-10],
   Mrs Rosalind
   Wyke [Chairman
   1967-68], Mrs
   Jocelyn Boater
   [Chairman 1971&
   Founder Member]


The assembled company were enthralled by incredible magic tricks executed by Mr Brian Barnes, a member of The Magic Circle, and entertained by former Cllr Peter Anderson with monologues of King John and An Unquiet Spirit. In addition, we were fascinated by the aerial photographs of the area taken from an electric powered model aeroplane by Geoff Chapman and enjoyed the photographic quiz presented by former Vice Chairman, Victor Spink. Guests also had the opportunity to study a display prepared by Mrs Margaret Nichols of some of the Society’s archive materials.
Malcolm Loveday stated that local residents all owed a debt of gratitude to the founders of The Chertsey Society which helps to overlook the state of the town in line with the objective specified by the founders, namely ‘to encourage preservation, development and improvements of a kind which will ensure Chertsey is a pleasant place in which to live and work’. He expressed a big thank you to all who have supported the Society over the last 50 years and a special Thank You to all the Committee members, visitors and events organisers, Treasurers and Auditors, Minutes Secretaries, Newsletter Editors, Scrapbook Compilers, Speakers, coffee makers, archivists etc, etc, etc.









   Founder member Mrs
   Jocelyn Boater was
   given a bouquet of
   flowers in appreciation
   for helping to form the
   Society in 1960.


Current Chertsey Society projects include lobbying for

  • the Tulk Field in Stepgates to be publicly accessible
  • a flood alleviation scheme for the River Bourne in Chertsey
  • the re-opening of toilets in Chertsey
  • improvement to the SUSTRANS R4 cycle route crossing in Guildford Street near Chertsey Library.

Typically in the last few years, about 200 local planning applications have been considered by the Committee of the Society each year and about 80 letters have been submitted to RBC annually expressing views to the planning committee. In addition, a further 120 letters / e-mails are sent on behalf of the Society on a wide variety of other matters.