Christmas Lights

In 2005, the Society agreed to take on the responsibility of co-ordinating the town centre Christmas Lights when the Chertsey Chamber of Commerce no longer had the resources to undertake the task. Runnymede Borough Council have kindly provided a grant of up to £1,850 (2010) on the basis that matching funds are raised. White rope light spirals are fixed by RBC DSO to about 45 lamp posts in the town centre whilst angels are hung on the church parapet by the bell ringers.











The coloured rope lights on the yew trees outside the church have been put up by Peter Boast, Dorian Mead and Peter Gray. Over the past few years, additional financial contributions have been provided by Chertsey Rotary Club and the Black Cherry Fair Team, SCC Councillor’s allocations, local firms and private individuals together with those from the Society.