The Society's 50th Anniversary Event at 'The Orchard'

Approximately 70 members and guests attended the 50th Anniversary event held at 'The Orchard' on the evening of Monday, 29th November 2010.








   The Orchard



Several founder members, former Chairman and Vice Chairman, former committee members, as well as the present Committee and officers celebrated the achievements of The Chertsey Society.









   l.-r. ( standing): Malcolm Loveday
   [Chairman 1986-88 & 2002-2010] , Mrs
   Jocelyn Boater [Chairman 1971],
   Margery & David Easton [ Members
   since 1964], (seated): Mrs Rosalind Wyke
   [Chairman 1967-68] and Mrs Margaret
   Robinson [Founder Member]


An illustrated review of the Society’s activities over the last 50 years was presented by the current Chairman, Malcolm Loveday. Mrs.Jocelyn Boater (Founder Secretary and Chairman, 1971) together with former Cllr Mrs Rosalind Wyke (Chairman 1967-1968) cut the anniversary cake which had been made by Mrs Mary Lowther (Secretary 1990 -2001).












   Our former Secretary, Mary
   Lowther provided an
   excellent cake to mark the








   l.-r.: Malcolm
  [Chairman 1986-
   88 & 2002-10],
   Mrs Rosalind
   Wyke [Chairman
   1967-68], Mrs
   Jocelyn Boater
   [Chairman 1971&
   Founder Member]


The assembled company were enthralled by incredible magic tricks executed by Mr Brian Barnes, a member of The Magic Circle, and entertained by former Cllr Peter Anderson with monologues of King John and An Unquiet Spirit. In addition, we were fascinated by the aerial photographs of the area taken from an electric powered model aeroplane by Geoff Chapman and enjoyed the photographic quiz presented by former Vice Chairman, Victor Spink. Guests also had the opportunity to study a display prepared by Mrs Margaret Nichols of some of the Society’s archive materials.
Malcolm Loveday stated that local residents all owed a debt of gratitude to the founders of The Chertsey Society which helps to overlook the state of the town in line with the objective specified by the founders, namely ‘to encourage preservation, development and improvements of a kind which will ensure Chertsey is a pleasant place in which to live and work’. He expressed a big thank you to all who have supported the Society over the last 50 years and a special Thank You to all the Committee members, visitors and events organisers, Treasurers and Auditors, Minutes Secretaries, Newsletter Editors, Scrapbook Compilers, Speakers, coffee makers, archivists etc, etc, etc.









   Founder member Mrs
   Jocelyn Boater was
   given a bouquet of
   flowers in appreciation
   for helping to form the
   Society in 1960.


Current Chertsey Society projects include lobbying for

  • the Tulk Field in Stepgates to be publicly accessible
  • a flood alleviation scheme for the River Bourne in Chertsey
  • the re-opening of toilets in Chertsey
  • improvement to the SUSTRANS R4 cycle route crossing in Guildford Street near Chertsey Library.

Typically in the last few years, about 200 local planning applications have been considered by the Committee of the Society each year and about 80 letters have been submitted to RBC annually expressing views to the planning committee. In addition, a further 120 letters / e-mails are sent on behalf of the Society on a wide variety of other matters.