The Church Flagpole and Weather Vane (2008-2011)

In December 2008, scaffolding was erected on the church tower roof to repair the flagpole.









   Scaffolding on top of the church tower

   and the flagpole being worked on


The weather vane was removed for repainting and regilding which was undertaken by Malcolm Loveday and Chris McKay who had previously regilded the clock dials. 5th Chertsey Guides helped to repaint the Vane.










   The newly gilded weather vane


The Chertsey Society used the balance of the Dorothy Everall memorial fund to cover the cost of the refurbishment. The cost of the scaffolding was met with a grant from SCC from Cllr Ray Lowther’s member’s allocation. It was due to be replaced on a reduced height pole as an interim measure, while funds were raised for a replacement flag pole but unfortunately in March 2009 the pole was deemed to be dangerous and not able to support the weather vane so it was cut down leaving the tower without the protection of the lightning conductor.









   The sad remains of the old flagpole



Meanwhile an attempt is being made to raise £10,000 for a new pole and supports and their installation.








   Malcolm Loveday with a fundraising display

   outside St Peter's Church