Wheelers Green

In  the early 1970’s, the Department of Transport proposed to build a link road south of Chertsey to join Junction 11 of the M25 with the local road infrastructure, the road now being known as St Peter’s Way. The DoT’s proposed route ran over the top of a 16th century listed cottage, ‘Wheelers Green’, off Bittams Lane.









   'Wheelers Green' cottage


The Health Authority had previously bought the building and rented it out to staff from St Peter’s Hospital. When the proposed demolition was announced The Chertsey Society, together with local residents and the occupants, campaigned to prevent its obliteration and sought to get the line of the road altered.  A ‘sit in’ was held and national press and TV followed the activities with great interest. Due to an administrative mixup bordering on farce the Listed Building plaque had been sent to be affixed to a council house at the other end of Bittams Lane! In 1976, following a Public Enquiry held in the Old Town Hall, the Inspector agreed that  the road should be diverted and the building was saved. Our Vice Chairman, who became a Conservative Local Councillor, featured on the front page of the Daily Mirror!









   Drawings by Victor Spink


















   Front Page 'Daily Mirror'



The Health authority subsequently sold the building at an Auction held in the Constitutional Hall, Guildford Street, on 27th June 1979.
 About 100 people attended and it fetched a Sale Price of  £78,000.












   Sale advertisement