Gravel Raising

On a number of occasions, local residents lead by The Chertsey Society campaigned against gravel raising on inappropriate locations close to Chertsey. 
In 1970 Rosalind Wyke led the Gravel Action Group and managed to prevent gravel raising on The Hollows and Abbey Mead together with Chertsey Meads.  In the 1980’s at the SCC Minerals Plan - Gravel Raising public enquiry - the Society’s representations were led by George Elfer. Malcolm Loveday pleaded that Dumsey Meadow was an integral part of Chertsey Meads on the other side of the River Thames which at that time was a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and therefore should not be dug for gravel.
Applications for gravel raising will be an ongoing issue for many years to come and the SCC Minerals Plan is currently under review with land near Hamm Court being considered as a possible Preferred Mineral Zone (PMZ). However, it is pleasing to note that in 2010 CEMEX (the successor to Ready Mixed Concrete) auctioned the The Hollows to a consortium of local residents, and the adjacent land was bought by a farmer, since CEMEX recognised that they would never get permission to dig up the gravel.         








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