Other 1990s Activities

In May 1991, a ‘Fun Day’ was organised which included the closing of Guildford Street where stalls were erected and street theatre enacted. In addition, a circular walk / cycle route was arranged including the operation of the river crossing at Laleham Ferry.
During the 1990s, the Goose Fairs were restarted with a view to bring a bit of colour to the town for a couple of Saturdays prior to Christmas. Guildford Street was shut to traffic so that stalls and children’s funfair rides could be set up. The Fairs were organised for several years by the Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with The Chertsey Society.
The Fairs ceased when the Chamber were no longer willing to participate and many of the local shops in Guildford Street were not overenthusiastic. It is interesting to note that in 2010, the Chamber of Commerce once again decided to revive the Goose Fair on a Saturday in December.















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