Town Crier

In 1993, The Chertsey Society decided to reinstate the role of Town Crier at the suggestion of Mrs Jocelyn Barker, and the cost of purchasing a costume was kindly given by Norman Rogers in memory of his wife. Over the last 17 years the task has included leading the Black Cherry Fair, opening shops and various publicity / photo opportunities. The role has been undertaken by Robert Knock, Michael Dollery and Terry Pattinson.







   Town Criers in

   Black Cherry Fair parade:


   Robert Knock (1993-2003)

   Terry Pattinson (2004)

   Michael Dollery (2005)













   Terry Pattinson








   l.-r.: William Taylor,

   Mary Blaker & Dicky Field









   l.-r.: Ron Taylor,

   Terry Pattinson & Victor Spink

   (June 2007)